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I hereby accept that my family name, first name, function and organization may be mentionned on the attendees list which will be given during the congress
Admission fees

Early fee (before May 5, 2023)
Regular fee : 590 € VAT included
**Graduate and PhD Students, NGOs : 300 € VAT included
**Retired scientist : 300 € VAT included
Late fee (after May 5, 2023)
Regular fee : 690 € VAT included
**Graduate and PhD Students, NGOs : 400 € VAT included
**Retired scientist : 400 € VAT included
** (Participant should be able to send documentary proof supporting their eligibility) 
* CEA : Please download a copy of your CEA pass
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No daily Fee ; We cannot offer grant for students

The inscription fee includes :
- the full participation to the conference
- welcome reception
- coffee breaks and lunches
- Gala Dinner

Abstract submission
Abstracts can be submitted to the following address : HERE
Do you intend to submit a full paper to be published in a special issue of the Journal of Physics Conference Series ? 90 € VAT included (additional cost)
Your attendance : Sessions / Specific meetings / Meals
* Lectures and parallel sessions
June 5th
June 6th
June 7th
June 8th
June 9th
None of them
* Specific meetings and trainings
The General Assembly of the NanoSafety Cluster on June 6th
The Training on Data FAIRness on June 6th
The Training on FAIR Implementation Profiles on June 6th
The Training on Harmonization of Test Guidelines on June 6th
The Workshop on stakeholder perception of SSbD on June 8th
None of them
* Meals
The welcome reception on June 5th evening
The lunch of June 6th
The lunch of June 7th
The lunch of June 8th

Social Program

Your attendance at the Gala dinner had to be confirmed in your first registration. Do not hesitate to send us an email if you want to add it. 
* Please confirm your attendance at the Gala Dinner (June 7th evening) before May 17th, 2023 (included in the registration fee)
* Additional guest for Gala dinner (June 7th evening). 90 € VAT included
Dietary restrictions
Dairy free
Gluten free
No dietary restrictions
* Please specify
Cancellation policy

Until May 2nd: (Cancellation requests must be sent to Meeting-Pro by email at the adress

  • Transfer: A paid registration can be transferred to a non-registered participant, free of cost.
  • Refunds: A processing fee of 150 EURO will be deducted for all meeting participants.

After May 2nd: No refunds will be issued.


If you need an accommodation for your staying in Grenoble, we invite you to book directly on the Tourist Office website.

For further information



Information desk during the conference
Monday to Thursday from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm
Email :

Abstracts management

Email :


Andrea Tummino
Simon Clavaguera
Nanosafety Platform
17 rue des Martyrs
F-38000 Grenoble, France
Email :

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